Survey on Orders of Service

Over the last two months we have been experimenting with three different orders of service at St. George’s. Each one is an approved Church of England order and a Eucharistic or Holy Communion service. They are not the only options and each option could be tweaked or changed in various ways.

The three orders are (the colours refer to the covers used in church):

  • Beige. Most like the order of service in use at St. George’s in recent years. It is Common Worship Order 1 with Eucharistic Prayer B. It includes optional extras like: the Kyrie Eleison and taking of the bread and wine.
  • Green. The shortest of the orders of service. It is Order 1 in Common Worship with Eucharistic Prayer H and no optional extras.
  • Blue. This is most like the traditional Book of Common Prayer service (1662), but in contemporary language. It is Order 2 in Common Worship.

Below are PDFs of the orders of service. It would be good to read through them again before completing the survey.

One thought on “Survey on Orders of Service

  1. I think there is a place for all the Order of Service booklets. Variety can be important and on days where you are hard pushed for time due to additional demands a shorter service may be appropriate. I am old fashioned though and do like my old fashioned service. We are not Holy Trinity or St Luke’s but a good blend of both. I think the congregation of St George’s attend for the traditional service, so I can see the short, modern Service being unpopular.


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