Youth Initiative

In recent months we have been exploring how to provide opportunities for the youth associated with both St. George’s and St. Luke’s churches to grow in friendship with each other and to explore their own faith in God, through their own bible study and in planning and leading occasional evening services.

Starting on 13th March the plan, during term time, will be to gather weekly on Sundays in the early evening. There will be three parts to the evening, facilitated by myself and a small team of volunteers (if you want to be a volunteer let me know)

  • 5-6:30pm Bible Study with worship and prayer
  • 6:30- 6:45pm Light supper
  • 6:45-7:45pm Group games and activities 

The idea is to meet in the lounge area in St. Luke’s church to begin with. We would hope to trial this for a few terms and review whether the location, pattern and timings work for as many of our youth as possible.

Each term (roughly 6-8 weeks apart) we will be holding a youth-led service for all ages to attend. The youth will plan these during part of the bible study portion of the evening.

Any youth at Secondary school aged 11 or over is very welcome to be part of these Sunday evenings. Volunteers for any part of the evening would be really helpful.

Please contact me on 01843 316656 or for more information or to register interest.

Claire Coleman.

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