St. Luke’s, Saturday 5th March, 7pm

I AM MARK is Stefan Smart’s solo word-for-word dramatisation of Mark’s Gospel. Its uniquely dramatic qualities make it both thoroughly entertaining and extremely thought-provoking.  
Stefan has performed this piece to great acclaim in churches, cathedrals, conferences and schools across the UK and abroad, and has recently played before sell-out audiences at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This year a film version of the show came out for US Global TV network, CMaxTV. Stefan’s heart is to reproduce what it must have been like to for a first century audience to listen to this story at first hand. In doing so he makes the Bible come alive again for 21st century people everywhere.

Stefan follows the performance with a short Q & A with the audience, offering them a unique opportunity to respond personally to what they’ve seen and to ask questions about the faith.

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