Christianity Explored

Following on from the performance of I AM MARK on March 5th, we are going to be running a number of small groups studying Christianity Explored. This course takes you through Mark’s gospel together and has videos that use Mark’s gospel to teach the Christian faith. They are safe and friendly groups, that give you the opportunity to ask whatever questions you like about what you read in Mark or about the Christian faith itself. They are also a good place to meet and get to know others better.

The main group for St. George’s will be meeting on Wednesdays at 2pm, starting on 9th March. However, if you cannot make that time you are welcome to join a group at one of the other churches.

You are free to attend the first or second session of the course, with no commitment to attend the rest. The course lasts for 7 weeks. We plan to have 5 weeks before Easter a break for a couple of weeks and 2 weeks after Easter. 

Please click the button below to register an interest in the course and to say which group you would like to attend.

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