Study Groups

This week we are relaunching our small groups. Over the next two weeks, they will be following up the teaching in church and focussing on Luke 16. These groups are not only a great place to come and ask questions about Sunday’s teaching and think more deeply about the Bible, but also to build deeper relationships with other Christians and to join with others in prayer for one another and the wider world.

There are three groups starting this week on Monday evening (with Claire), Wednesday afternoon (with Mark) and Thursday evening (with Mike). If you were in one of these groups before then please do re-join the group that you were a part of. Otherwise, if you would like to give one of the groups a try over the next couple of weeks, then please speak to Paul or one of the leaders.

There will be study sheets available from the group leaders: Claire, Mark and Mike and spare ones on the welcome desk. Even if you are not able to make a group, please feel free to take one of these sheets to make notes on the sermon and use for your own personal Bible Study.

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