Confirmation Service at St. Luke’s

This Sunday, there will not be a service at St. George’s as we are joining St. Luke’s for one our twice a year joint services. This is a special confirmation service.

We welcome Bishop Rose to St. Luke’s and confirmation candidates from St. Luke’s, St. Laurence, All Saints Westbrook and St. Mary’s Minster as well as their supporters. The service will be a bit different to normal. There will be Sunday Club to which St. George’s Sunday School members are welcome, but we are encouraging the Secondary School age pupils to join us for the whole service. Sunday Club will re-join us for the baptism and confirmation itself. After the service everyone is welcome to stay for a finger buffet and refreshments.

Paul Worledge writes:

“One of the best things about being a vicar is getting to see how God is at work in people’s lives as he calls them to a living and transformative faith in him. This Sunday we are celebrating what God has been doing in the lives of fourteen of our brothers and sisters in Christ as they are confirmed at St. Luke’s 11am service. Seven are from St. Luke’s and seven from three other local churches.

Each of their stories and journeys are different. Some have grown up in the church, others have only turned to Jesus in the last year or so. Their ages vary from 16 to 60. Some are students, whilst others are at work or unable to work.

They are a diverse group of people, but all are called by the Father, loved by the Son who died for them to save them and have the Holy Spirit working in them to sanctify them. That is transform them to be holy in God’s sight and to live more and more in the wonderful way of Christ. Ultimately with us they will share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ in eternity.

It is also encouraging in hearing their stories how a combination of experiencing Christian community and hearing the truth of God’s word spoken have been foundational in securing their faith. That is as true for those who have grown up in the church as it is for those who have chosen to come to church for the first time.

So, as we rejoice in what God has been doing amongst them, let’s pray that we will see many more come to trust in him in the same way.”

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