What is MOPP? It is a new idea for a once a term meeting (six times a year) to introduce opportunities at St. Luke’s and St. George’s to explore the Christian faith and grow as a disciple.

The first MOPP meeting will be at 7pm of Monday 27th February in St. Luke’s Church Hall. Please click the button below to book a ticket, so that we can plan for the catering (free of charge, donations for food welcome on night).

The letters stand for:

  • Meal (7pm) – The meeting will be a chance to relax together over food.
  • Options (8:00pm) – We will share different options for meeting in small groups in the term ahead. The options for the coming term will include studies on prayer and a Christianity Explored course.
  • Prayer and Praise (7:45-8:00pm for praise and 8:20-9:00pm for prayer) – For those who want to stay on the second half of the meeting will include a time of praising God and praying for his work in the church.

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