What is MOPP? It is a new idea for a once a term meeting to introduce opportunities at St. Luke’s and St. George’s to explore the Christian faith and grow as a disciple.

Our second MOPP meeting will be at 7pm of Monday 24th April in St. Luke’s Church Hall. Please click the button below to book a ticket, so that we can plan for the catering (free of charge, donations for food welcome on night). Please let us know by 1pm Sunday 26th.

The letters stand for:

  • Meal (7:30pm) – The meeting will be a chance to relax together over food.
  • Options (7:00pm) – We will share different options for meeting in small groups in the term ahead. See below for the options coming up this term.
  • Prayer and Praise (8:15-9:00pm) – For those who want to stay on the second half of the meeting will include a time of praising God and praying for his work in the church.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit – Tuesdays, 2:30pm

This will be a series of thematic Bible studies exploring the ministry and teaching of Jesus and asking : what do they tell us about the Holy Spirit in Him and in us ?

Maximum number is 8 people.

The Life of Peter, Wednesdays 7:30pm

We looking at Peter’s life, using bible passages and 3 very open questions in a different style from typical study material but it has proved most fruitful to date.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline, Thursday’s, 7:30pm

These studies help us to look at our every day lives and see how God is at work in us and through us, and will help us to strive for more areas of our lives to be in step with Gods kingdom living.

Leading Bible Studies Course (Saturdays in May, 10:30am-12noon)

Looking to learn or develop skills in leading small group Bible Studies – this ‘pop-up’ study group is the course for you.

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